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Yo Yo All Amigos and Senoritas!

Just a small and quick blog about the recent chapter that gave introduction about Dressrosa. The Country of Love(rough), Passion(that can hurt) and Toys(of course, Boys).

Quite original, living toys .. extra-passionate ladies(Me GUSTA) and love for food and flowers. Kinda reminds me of something ..

Italy + Spain + China = DRESSROSA!!

Well the toys are alive and talking so I am sure Brook and Chooper won't have any problem fitting in. Not sure what is powering this miracle but its fun to watch while it lasts. Last thing I am expecting is an army of "Nut Crackers" coming to arrest Straw hats .. it just hurts thinking about it ( ._.)

Now flowers, .. well I didn't know that it was possible for a flower to BLOOM in the "rough" seas of New World .. damn FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!! From Coby to Whitebeard .. everyone who said that New World is full of monsters and surviving chances are ZERO .. SUE THEM ALL!! But I think these flowers must be there for a reason.

last but no the least ..

Sweet Mother of Santa Maria .. I am in love <3

Now legend says that these women are very passionate(if you know what I mean) and jealous .. if they catch you cheating on them .. they will STAB you .. in yer "FAMILY JEWELS" .. wow .. this reminds me of someone but I will no take her name to avoid any conflicts ..

But really, the more beautiful they are .. the harder they STAB .. I wonder how hard Robin will STAB me if she finds out that I was cheating on her with Monet during the Punk hazard Arc .. owww hurts thinking about it ( ._.)

So any thoughts about this little paradise that I missed, feel free to let me know. I am trying to connect Dressrosa with Spanish countries whom have similar culture as shows in this chapter.

MDM Out >_>