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Yo MDM here.

  • warning this blog includes some inside jokes*

I know that the title is 18+ but it sounds cool ...... or what u prefer "League of Genders" ???? it sounds lame!!

I also know that people are Tired of the "League of ... " Blogs but its LPK fault for not buying its copyrights.

Ok So the title says it all ......... state you Gender. AWCs can participate too but conditions apply.

I have been on this Wiki for about 2 years and still everyday I gender surprise. Right? Jop ...*heart-attack* AHHHH!!! *takes some pills* hmmm ok now i am fine.

Its a movement of Proud that One Piece also has Female Fans and all female fans have my deepest respect and LOTS and LOTS of L~O~V~E. AHHHH!!! damn this Sanji-phobia attacks!

Well and its really weird when the conversation seems misplaced :

Female Member : Ok I fixes the codes and its up and running.

MDM : Wow Bro, you are really smart guy .... You might have lots of girlfriends!!

Female Member : Nope because i am a girl !!!!!

MDM : NANDA KORIA?!?!?!?!?!? (its WTH in Jap)

and Of course this is not and I repeat not mandatory and people can participate on their will. This is a chance for us and new Wiki members to know each-other more.

ok ready when you are

the one and only Ahou'O of this Wiki

MDMLeave it...My Animations 15:32, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

Also just for fun if you want to add some line that proves you gender like since I am Male, I will say a Pick Up Line.

Most people like to watch the Olympics, because they only happen once every 4 years, but I'd rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime.

XDXD (Orb is gonna hate me for this)

Also I am A BIG FAN OF

Kuma Attacks Little Oars Jr