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League of Red Stuff .. no, its not KoolAid

Yo, people who think the glass if half-empty and people who think the glass is half-full =_= .. and also the ones who just don't give a fu*k >_>

MDM is with another blog which is obvious the logic and reminds you of some horrible memories of certain type of blogs that flooded the wiki with its uselessness =_= .. .. yes, its "League Of" blogs XDXD I don't remember LPK having copyrights of it >_>

Ok so here is a riddle =_=

  • Its red and its sister of Jelly ..
  • Its tasty(in case you are Twilight fan) ..
  • And no its not KoolAid and no its not sweet mother of Enel either

.. ITS .. Blood =_=

Yep, that fancy flowing thing that makes 7% of your body weight and keep you safe and breathing so you can live to see the next One piece chapter =_=

  • No, you can't use blood as subsitatte for ink and write love-letters .. thats what hopeless lovers like Romeo and juliet and look where they ended up >_>
  • No, drinking your own blood does not make you vampire .. it makes you creepy Twilight-fan >_>
  • Yes, possibilities of Sanji eating Blood Blood no Mi are high .. but still theoretical (_ _ )
  • No, if you have any other color blood then red then there is definitely something wrong with you .. no seriously .. roses don't grow on manga tree >_>

Ok boring lecture aside, back to blog topic .. So I read the new forum made by Zori about blood-type of all STs and a thought hit my mind(totally ripping off other blogs) .. wait .. let me use some visual presentation for this ..

so as you can see .. I don't know my blood type >_> well I will get to the bottom of this but you might have a idea of what blood-type you are =_= .. .. .. or do you?

Luffy: F

Zoro: XF

Nami: X

Usopp: S

Sanji: S RH-

Chopper: X

Robin: S (did I ever tell you how much I love my name?)

Franky: XF

Brook: X (is that even possible?)

Jinbe: F

well just asking it out, please write what blood-type you are and you might be amazed to find if you are sharing your blood type with one of the SH (*^*) MAY THE RED-FLOW BE WITH YOU!!! .. .. wait .. that didn't come out right .. the females who been threw "that time of the year" will understand what I am saying .. (_ _ )

Ok this random beyond randomness blog is over and MDM is out >_> I seriously need to find more interesting topic for blogs (_ _ ) .. well better luck next time .. >_>

p.s. The comic is under construction =_= might take a week or so >_> bear with me please (_ _ )

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