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Yo Yaoi lovers and haters (you know where you belong)

MDM here (and I am gonna stay, got problem?)

This is a copy of this Wiki's #1 Blog created by our Ahou-aniki LPK (Yes he may look like an idiot, act like one but don't let it fool you people, he is one).

But I have added little spice in the idea. What LPK wanted to know is your Nationalities but in this blog its the OP characters's nationalities we are gonna predict.

Wanna give it a try? (I am not asking, I am telling)

So Oda-sama gave us a heads-up about uncovering SH's nationalities.

So lets see if you can predict nationality of any other OP character by the way they look or their actions. I will first put few of my opinions.

Whitebeard- USA !!! cause he drinks all day sitting on his personal coach and likes fighting wars.

Shanks- India (by the way I am from India) !!! He is wise and looks as he is one of the moak from India with some serious power. Or it can be that I just want him to be from the same county I am from. Got problem?

SO you give it a try.

Best luck and Hope for a big help, MDM out (nothing extra attached due to the Broom-stick behind me *inside joke*).