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If I were in his/her shoes

Yo Guys and Yoai-loving Ladies.

MDM here but looks like no one cares T.T

So again with a crazy-creativity Blog.

The title is self explanatory. You have to put yourself in one of the One Piece character's shoes and tell me about a situation where you would have done something different from what the character did in the Manga.

For example.

If I were in Mr.3 shoes when he was on the execution platform with ace and Sengoku, I would have acted sooner and made a wax key to release Ace.

Or It can be a fun change that you think would have been funny like For example ....

If I were in Kuma's shoes when he was sending all SH flying to different islands, I would have send Luffy to K'ama Island and Sanji to Amazon Lily for change XDXD

You you get what i am trying to show so now tell me if you would have done something if you were in shoes of any One Piece Character.

So let the Shoe shopping began.

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