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Yo MDM here.

Sorry for the weird title but that what I said after I was hit by Perona's Negative Hollow.

We are cracked up when we heard Zoro said "I'm sorry that I was born." (if he said that in front of Mihawk, Mihawk will die laughing)

Also when Luffy said "If I were to reborn, I want to become a clam." (what happned to the whole Pirate King thing, was it just a scam??)

So here I am really interested in is your quote.

If you get hit by 'Perona's Negative Hollow, What will you say???? (and no u can't say that the Negative Hollow won't work on you because you are negative like Ussop)'

Example : (Sorry Rici and Marcus for using you)

Rici: If I were to reborn, I want to be Peanut Better Jelly.

Marcus: I'm sorry that I became member of this wiki. (Just kidding Captain)

So guys be creative and tell me what you want to be if you were reborn.

Exited to hear your responses.

The Winners of the Best Reborn Quote currently are ...

BLS:*grovels* If I was reborn, I want to be a cigarette !

Trafalgar Kid : Ohhhh, man,.... If I was reborn, I wish I was a Naruto Fan.....Ohhhh !!!

Monkey.D.Me 21:38, June 28, 2011 (UTC)