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Yo Hopeless-Romeos (we have some) and Heartless-Juliets (every one of them,)..

Yes, its Valentine Day ..

Everyone: Thank you Captain Obvious, its always great to see you ..

MDM: *Captain Obvious Pose* Like wise ..


Ok regardless my blog-dragging tactics, why make this Well-n-Tight blog when there was already a blog made about Valentine day few weeks ago? ..

Cause I can! ಠ◡ಠ

Got problem with it? Lets take it outside (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

.. ok the purpose of this blog is the Spread the Love, .. no, not sharing any porn-site links ಠ_ಠ .. Just expressing your love to ones whom you love ^_^ ..

What has this got to do with One Piece? .. lets see .. no love on OP wiki means hate and racism everywhere(remember pandas) .. hate and racist will create conflicts(remember ST) .. conflicts with bring arguments on forums and blogs(remember Magellan for Admiral) .. arguments will disturb peace and once again we might have to elect a new Admin ಠ_ಠ .. now you tell me .. do you want that to happen?

.. now taking this conversation to wise side .. THE THEME OF THE BLOG!!

Simple, express your love to a member on One Piece wiki or other wiki whom you care for. Add character if your feelings toward him/her are true and not because they show skin more often ( ._.) .. say something about that member of character that proves that you are serious about this and you will take responsibility after those 9 months .. you better >:( OR WE WILL TAKE THIS TO COURT!!

ok thats it, simple and easy .. we can hate each other all-year round but lets just for today be little nice and loving .. lets prove that we still have some sanity left in our kidneys >_>

Feel free to shout out your love toward me if you want ^_^






Zori: I lied when I said "you are handsome" ..


COffee: Who are you?

.. ok guys, thats enough love .. now its time for me ..

This year my love goes out to .. AWCLPK, Wonder, Zori, Ming, Aura, Shay, Ayet, xXx, Caring, Coffee, Gal, OBB, Dude, Ryu-cha, P15, STB, THT, ST, Ryu-cha and Neko from next-door MJ .. and I like these people can I CAN!!

Now take this damn rose and BEAT IT!!

ಠ_ಠ what were you thinking? just cause I am hopeless perv I will choose all girls? .. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME! NOTHING!!

Ok then get to your list and make it honest. and if you feel this blog still has nothing to do with Op then let me know and I will add something ( ._.) OP-topics are diamond-dozen these-days ..

This blog over and MDM out >_>