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Yo MDM here


This blog was made in past long long ago when I use to be smart. In those finale movements of smartness I thought of creating a One Piece theme High School. A High-school where One Piece characters are the staff and teachers which we One Piece Wikia members are students. From them this blog and the OP High-school received a great contribution and now from its success it has turned into One Piece Campus.

One Piece Campus is divided in 3 parts. One Piece Elementary School where members from 0 to 200 edits study and build themselves for the future. The second part is One Piece High School where members from 200 to 500 enjoy their best time of their lives. The final and most important past is One Piece University where members from 500 to over edits study in order to achieve the One Piece Achievements.

Now from you edits you know which part you belong. So use to brain and create scenarios about you having fun on One Piece campus. There is no need to go home cause One Piece Campus has its own DORMS. Each dorm can hold up to 5 members. You choose your dorm members and have the best time of your life.

If you need help about how to enjoy then read some of the previous comments and you will know what One Piece campus is all about.

So good luck and have fun.

Further announcements will be made later. Current Dorm list and its members.

Dorm # 8 Rici, Sara
Dorm # 14 Swim, Marimo, NWW, Ming
Dorm # 17 P15, alone like a BOSS !!
Dorm # 22 Tucky, Evan, Ayet
Dorm # 88 MOM, Polar
Dorm # 13 X-raptor, Ryu
Dorm # 20 Will, Zoro, Coffee, JOP
Dorm # 100 MDM, alone like a BOSS !!
Dorm # 69 MJ, Calu-cha

I made this blog for a purpose of counting the active users on this wiki. i got the number 67.

Now the blog is turned in to a One Piece School.

Currently there is a War on this School known as One Piece High War.

here is a clip for some explanation

Here is some clips that will explain how our school works

Principle Monkey.D.Luffy
Vice-Principle and Part-time Weightlifting teacher Zoro
Vice-Principle and Treasury keeper Nami
Cooking Department Head Sanji
Library Head Robin
Math Teacher Usopp
School Doctor Chopper
Technology Department Teacher Franky
Music Teacher Brook
The School Building Itself Sunny Go
The School Building before Renovation Going Merry
Inspirational Club Head and Party Planning Class Teacher Shanks
We are Family Club Head and Drink till Die Club Head Whitebeard
School Nurse Ivancock
School Nurse Dr.Kuina
Rainbow Club Head Mr.2
Detention Head Magllen
Detention Supervisor Kalifa
Hallway Patrol Rest of CP9
Dodgeball Coach and Tea and Crackers Club Head Garp
Meditation Club Head and Tea and Crackers Club Head Sengoku
School Mechanic Vegapunk
Lazy Education Class Head Aokiji
History Teacher Clover
FAQ Club Head MDM

I thank everyone who supported me in this active user count and then this One Piece school.

Leave it to ............................................ Monkey.D.Me 22:59, July 2, 2011 (UTC)