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Yo Dear Little Tell-A-Tubbies ^_^ MDM here =_+ BTW, This is NOT a Zoro emoticon, its just curious and serious MDM

Well lets cut the chase and hit straight on nail, Welcome to the Mafia world of Don GodfaMingo AKA Donquixote Doflamingo. Its about time Oda watched and learned from plot-ideas from Godfather and Scarface ~_~ A Mafia world in New World straight out of Little Italy where a underground broker nickname Joker that controls his family Empire. (credits goes to IH)

It can be said that after this chapter GodfaMingo has indeed become one of the awesome antagonist along in line with Akainu and Crocodile. His outlooks of situation and troubleshooting tactics has impressed .. along with some old-school dialogues like ..

"Kill Law so mercilessly that he regrets being born."

Not the exact quote but who gives a shit >_> regardless it was a real "Shit going Serious" feeling that I got after that dialogue. I would have expected nothing less from a guy who started smoking before his balls descended.

Doflamingo as Child

Who needs school when you can become a PIMP!!

Now from that little guy, I am not surprised that he became THIS!!

Doflamingo at Dressrosa

Hello? RIPOFF PIZZA PLACE? Yea, deliver 10 Extra Large Double cheese with Extra Pepperoni topping and easy on opinion and olives. I don't have cash, you take PIMPCARD?

Money, Power and Women .. he got it all ~_~ along with Late Whitebeard he is the only other pirate that shows the potential of becoming the next pirate king in my opinion .. after such shadowed-introduction of his crew .. I won't be surprised to see "Which SH will face witch crew-member of GodfaMingo's crew" blogs starts raining down .. .. and not to mention "BABY 5 FOR NEXT SH" blogs >_> oh the horror .. this is why we needs rules for blogs <_< I mean yea she can chop and cook but that does not mean she qualifies for the seat that Jinbe and Monet already reserved =_+

Indeed a interesting character GodfaMing has become and his collection of Bikini-Beauties and Ugly-Kamas is also somewhat interesting .. .. thou I wonder why is GodfaMing's daughter is working with him at this age when she should be collecting ransom in kindergarten >_> .. .. ok ok I know that she is not his daughter but thats the best possible explanation I have next to GodfaMing being a utter and shameless Pedo who lures little girls with chocolate =_+

So Yea, his crew, his connection with Law and his creative KILLBILL Maid collection has changed the why I looked at GodfaMingo before this chapter. So my Q to you all is, what is your opinion about Don GodfaMing after this chapter? Impressed? Confused? or He still wears his gay pajamas =_=

Write your opinion in the comment bellow =_=

This quick Opinion-hungry blog is over and MDM is out >_>