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Yo All, MDM here who Happy Passed his Exams (。◕‿◕。)

now back to Ranting .. (¬_¬)


Monkey.D.Garp ..

The TeaHound Garp ..

The navy hero Garp ..

The CrackerMonster Garp ..

The Undefeated Donuts-Eating Champion Garp ..

The Garp that we keep hearing rumors about his ridiculous strength from many One Piece legends like Whitebeard, Gold Roger, Rayliegh, Shakky, Big Mam, Shanks and ect. ect. ..

WTF is his strength anyways (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Well Garp, Gold Roger and Kong are current known monsters with unknown abilities.

Garp is seen doing cannon-softball tryouts .. and some Love-Fisting .. (¬‿¬) wow, that last one sounded soooo wrong~

Gold Roger is seen so far doing nothing but smiling and posing with a sword and gun .. also showing possibility to future in Sea King-whispering career ..

Kong .. well he is bulked up guy with bulked up name .. no means of strength are showing or indicated .. excepted that he is the Top Dog of entire navy ..

Sengoku, Whitebeard, Rayliegh and other big names have showed what they are capable of and why the world fears them .. but the Top Dogs like Garp and Roger are still mysteries ..

So, any theory you can make from his actions that can indicate his strength level? Feel free to share.

For the Recent Chapter

  • Cabbage-Dish (Y) I approve of this name (ಠ⌣ಠ)
  • Kyros is Ricky? Not sure .. maybe his son or brother .. I expected Kyros to be old as hell by now ( _ _)
  • Cabbage-Dish finding out Lucy is Luffy .. PERFECT!! TRASH THE PRETTY BOY, LUFFY!!
  • Bellamy doesn't seem to have much different strength level from his previous strength level on Jaya .. show something new >_> Haki? Impact Dial? .. Professional Strippers?

So, nothing really epic about this chapter ( _ _) just more questions .. with so many unknowns on stand-by ..

  • Who is this Fairy that Zoro caught? Is Zoro cheating on Perona? or Tashigi?
  • Why is Violet? CP0 or Robin's long lost step-sister .. Hey, who knows what happened to Nico Olvia when she was captured by marines ◕‿↼ ..
  • Who is the guy in Sunny's men room? and this "no" "no" and breaking sound of dishes are indicating a very inappropriate thoughts .. .. if you know what I mean >_O
  • How did Robin's boobs shrink? o_O

and other questions .. so another plot-developing chapter ranting blog is done .. MDM out >_>