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Note: This blog is sub-blog of Good Morning Class and is based upon Robin-sensai's History Class. The characters in it are completely friction and any resemblance to any living person is just your imagenation.

(On a early wednesday morning in Robin-sensai's History class)

Robin: (Enters the class) Good Morning Class.

Everyone: Good Morning Robin-sensai (bows)

Robin: Ok class, I have something surprise for you all today. (takes out a paper bunch out of her purse)

X: (Shocked) NANIIIIIIIIIIII, is it posters of you posing in bikini?

Robin: No

Rici: Is it a secret news about the mystrious death of Sabo-sensai?

Robin: No

Panda: Is it new fee hike warning from nami-sensai?

Robin: No, its a surprise POP QUIZ on Fishman Island. (gives a cute smile)

BLS: (With heart eyes) Thou its crule of her to give us pop quize so sudden but her smile heals all my wounds <3 (turns to stone)

Will: BLS-SEMPAIIIII, hang in there BLS-sempai. I will take you to school nurse Ivan-sensai's office right now-

BLS: (Turns back to normal) NOOOOOOOO, I am fine. Don't take me to that hell ever again.

Robin: Ok, so now that all drama is over I will hand-out the quiz papers to everyone and its on Fishman Island Arc Chapter that we just finished yesterday. You will have to write your review and opinion on the arc. So is everyone ready?

Rici: (wears his "Quiz Master" head-band) I was born ready.

IH: (points a gun at Will and gives him his quiz papers to fill) me too.

Robin: Then start and finish it before I finish my coffee with MDM-sempai <3


1. How much would you give Fishman Island Arc overall out of 10?
2. How was Fishman Island's plot overall in your opinion (in 3 words) and if you could, then what changes you could have made in the story? (
3. How much would you give to Strawhat's improvement in strength over their 2 year time-skip out of 10? (no reasons needed)
4. Did you like the way Fishman Island Arc ended? if no, then why?
5. Bonus Mark Question - What method do you think SH will use to get back to surface?

Do you best everyone, this is kinda review opinion blog for everyone to state their overall opinion on Fishman Island Arc.

This Pop quiz is over and MDM is out to have a coffee with Robin-Sempai <3 <3