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Yo Guys.

MDM here.

Now let me get stright to Question.

Where do you think Hordy got those Energy Steroid from??


How do you think they are made??

We all know that Energy Steroid is just like drugs and weed. So to create it they may have something similar in methods.

When Hordy showed the bag full of Fish Crack to his crew members, they were shocked. This means its illigal and really hard to find or make.

Now I know that you all are not weed and tea expert but give that cookie dough you call brain a kick and make something or a method out of the box.

Ok let me tell you how I think they are made.

These Energy Steroid are made from the brain fluid of Sea Kings. So for few minutes the fluid effect the fisherman's brain making him feel as strong as a Sea King. But due to using so much eneargy and baring stress of a sea king size the fisherman loses a little piece of his life.

Well that was my funny yet out of blue method.

Now what is yours??

P.S. A Quick Blog

Can a human eat the Energy Steroids and survive?

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