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Yo naughty little nuggets of this Highly-Controversial Wikia ^_^ .. MDM here with bit serious topic which requires your honest opinion.

Its about Fan-Service in One Piece. According to the Scooter, after the Time-Skip the fan-service level is-

OVER 9000!!

As the legends goes in the world of business "Sex did sell, is selling and will sell till the doom of mankind." In my opinion, One Piece is not one of those mangas that have fan-service as their key advantage for success like Fairy-Tail, High-School of Dead and To Love Roo. Don't get me wrong, I too love seeing Robin take advantage of her sexy looks and Nami ending her ever quote with a boob-bounce. Still, sometime you feel as the fan-service ratio is taken beyond the limit .. not sure why Oda is suddenly focused on proving more skin >_> .. I can only made one explanation out of this .. Marriage ain't going well for Oda =_+

Now I might be over thinking this but you decide it yourself .. from all the examples of fan-service ..

  • The Glass is half full and half empty ..
  • Rainbow Bikini, Oda supports Gay-Rights!
  • Oda coined the term "Sexy Pirate" and made it possible.
  • Bikini again =_=
  • Well he was not the only one that was happy ..
  • Trust me, Oda trying to say something ..

Now I might be over thinking and this might be rule of Manga industry to whore their characters in-order to get ratings but its kinda disappointing when they go over the top >_> ..

But I want to know your opinion regarding the over exposed sex-appeal in manga thesedays. If you have any other visual evidence (perv face) please feel free to post it ..

Blog Over MDM out to buy box of tissue and skin-friendly lotion =_= .. .. JK =_+