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Yo All ( ._.)/

A late wishes to both my Canadian and American brothers and girlfriends for their Independence Day!

Capt: Thanku :3 On this great occasion on behalf of Canada I would lik-

MOVING ON! to more important stuff >_> this week's One Piece chapter and a little creativity activity~

Zori: creativity activity?? (*^*) Are we gonna make our ideal next SH??

=_= I rather shoot myself in head with a gun full of dull steel forks >_>

(LPK passes MDM a gun full of dull forks)


This week's chapter was all over the place >_> it was hard to understand what was going on cause everything was in pieces ..

First up it was introduction of one of the GodFamingo Family member .. Granny WINE GLASS!

Knowing how Doflamingo looks and acts .. I expected nothing less from his crew >_> bunch of weirdos with weird abilities .. I know that we always complain about Nami's boob size and how it grows 2 cups every Arc .. but this was just TOO MUCH! There is NOTHING to complain there O_O NOTHING! Literally~

Well forget Nami >_> she was always a woman with issues .. But now SUNNY has become victim of these uncertain circumstances~ he has been abused from inside >_>

Trust me, if my room looked like that .. I DID SUE MY PARENTS! BTW, you know what Brook's new face reminds me of?

Anyone? anyone? anyone? ( ._.) MOVING ON!!!

Sunny, whats YOUR say on this new make-over given to you?

Sorry bud >_> even Shit scrapyards have standards these-days >_> you are on your own~ Next up is Doflamingo making his "crew-members" do some shopping ..

Fabric Softener? >_> no wonder his fur coat looks like puffy every time we see it >_> another secret about Doflamingo's abilities REVEALED! Moving to re-union of long-separated "theoretical" father and daughter ..

Sorry Ricky, Not every daughter grows up pure like Miley Cyrus ..

(Watches Miley Cyrus' "We Can't STOP" music video)

.. ok, I take it back >_> she is gone~ God help her soul~

Moving to Brighter News, Cavendish and Batho-kun are going on their separate ways >_>


I know what you thinking >_> WHY WOULD TWO DUDES WITH SUCH RANDOM NAMES NAME their child "Charlie" .. right? .. .. shit happens~ like it did here~

.. I am telling you guys, I had feelings for that Bull for the mere 4 panels he was showed for ^_^ I have no shame in admitting that I even thought of "BULL OF NEXT SH" cheers~ but .. that was some hard end to a great future~ This is how they pound their Beef at McDonalds .. True Story~!

But as you can see, that by connecting all these broken-out pieces .. Oda made this chapter .. kinda lame attempt to keep us exited but this chapter just made things weird >_> But thats me, you guys might have enjoyed it .. Comment BELLOW, Let me KNOW!~

But now FINALLY! .. the little creativity activity~ now this is just a personal observation that Doflamingo has made his "crew" in a very unique way .. they all have "weird, ugly and failure as character design" written ALL OVER THEM! .. this is personal observation, just letting you know again >_>

So here is my little dip in this thought pool, If you have to CREATE a MAFIA STYLE Family .. which One Piece Characters OR One Piece Wiki Members would you CHOOSE and what role would you give them?

Sounds complicated so let me break it down in a way its easier to understand ..

Boss, Underboss, Capo, Soldiers and ect roles~ The choices are YOURS and YOURS alone~ have fun with them :)

So this little shitty creation of MDM is over and hoping you entertain you again in future is fate permits :P