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Ola Amigos, MDM here.

Random guy in background: Its "Hola" Amigos, SPANISH FAIL !!!!

(shoots the random guy in knee)

Oh wait, that joke is getting old-

(shoots the random guy where it hurts)

Ok, lets get back to the blog. As the title says out load, FAVORITE BLOG GONE WILD !!

Ok, I know you misunderstand this title as blog actully gone wild like taking their shirts off in public and flashing their inner literature. BUT NO !!! This title means, Favorite blogs to their MAX !!!

This time the target of my favorite torture is Color Spreads.

Yes, those amazing pieces of art that Oda blesses time to time as cover pages. They are perfect combinition of Manga and Anime. Detailed work of Manga and God-like coloring like anime. I came across my few favorite color spreads yesterday and I would really like to know what are yours.

All Color Spreads can be found of this page, Please have a look and refresh your old One Piece memories.












So thats my Top 5. You may have found couple of them obvious since you know the kind of man I am but still I am fan or Art and as you can see from my first pick.

So, What are yours TOP 5 ONE PIECE COLOR SPREAD ???

You can just open that color spread in New window and past the URL in the comment.

OR !!!

If you would like to past the Color Psread itself in the comment then please follow the steps bellow.

1. Open the Color Spread in a New Window.

2. Copy the Image title from the page URL.

3. Paste the Page title in the following code in the comment.

 [[File:PAGE TITLE HERE|0x450px]] 

If after publishing the comment, the image goes out of the window then you can lower the image size multiplier number 450 lower to 400 or 300.

Ok, thats about it. Hope you had fun re-watching all the amazing Color Spreads and choosing your Top 5.

This Favorite blog is over and MDM is out.