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Evening thou boring people.

You know who I am so lets get straight to business.

The wikia has been to its highest bore-level in the past 3 days. The blogs, the chat and the people. Well at least there are those who are participating in the Edit Tourney and that may be keeping them busy but for rest .. .. .. thou disgust me.

Still, scum-bagging aside, as the title says this is another favorite blog. Thats right, this is my 3rd favorite blog in row. This time I don't have any high expectations cause I know that you all are tired from favorite blogs too. So I am gonna ask a quick question and then leave rest up-to you.

What is your favorite fighting ability from One Piece??


  • Devil Fruit (like Enel or Magellan)
  • Haki (like Rayliegh)
  • Rokushiki (like Lucci)
  • Cyborg (Like Franky or Kuma)
  • Sharpshooter (like Ussop or Yasopp)
  • Swordsman (like Mihawk and Zoro)
  • Giant (like Oz or Oars)
  • Kung Fu (like Bepo)
  • Science (like Nami)
  • Fishman Karate (Jinbe)
  • or other ..

You can only choose one ability. You can't have Haki and DF or Giant and Rokushiki at once. Choose only one ability.

I know that this should be done on a poll but I also know that these are not all fighting abilities in One Piece so it a new one comes in later, adding it to poll will risk all the votes that were on it before.

So just go with the flow, comment and forget that this blog exists. By the way, no need to argue with other members cause their opinion is different then yours. If any comment-war starts then I will disable the comments right-away.

Good luck and please comment if I missed any other fighting ability from OP.

This little piece of my bore is over and MDM is out.