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Yo Guys.

MDM here.

I just saw the new Episode 522 and If I had to describe it in 2 words then it was "Epiclly Touching".

There were so many WOW and LOL Movements but It also has some really nice tear-bringer movements too.

Now I would like to list My Top 3 movements Episode 522.

  1. Luffy and Rayleigh flashback of their training.I don't know if this might sound bit touchy but for a second I though that Rayleigh was Luffy's temporary father during the training. Plus when Rayleigh cried, I joined him too TT.TT seeing a amazingly strong person like him crying over a farewell of his student was really epic. ITS ALRIGHT TO CRY GUYS, CRYING MAKES YOU STRONG AND MAKES YOU A MAN !!!! DON !!!!!!
  2. Perona's negative army attack. I really loved Perona and her epiclly hilarious entrance. "I want to be flea" "I want to be moss" XDXD I love those "NegativeJokes". And to spice the movement Sanji joined and started sniffing Perona like she is some kind of weed or some nice pack of drugs. Plus after time-skip Perona looks really beautiful and cute with increased measurements in her curves. I still keep my dibs that she is the next SH XDXDXDXD.
  3. Nami's epic SUPAA KICK !!! Just when meeting for the first time after 2 years of separation, Brook simply makes a tiny request to Nami and he get aSUPAAA SAIYA KICK IN DA SKULL !!! YOHOHOHOHO. I have already read that scene in manga before but watching it in anime just made me LMAO on the floor. I mean, how about showing the guy just once, little peek might do the trick. She got nothing to lose. And if Nami is thinking of charging then its fine cause out Brook has become a ROCKSTAR !!!!! So show him you panties Nami, or his soul will be lost and wondering forever in search or panties,YOHOHO- .. .. .. man, these skull and soul jokes are really getting lame now TT.TT

So these are my Top 3 movements of Episode 522.

Which one are yours?

This repeated-kind blog is over and MDM is out.