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Yo Guys, MDM here.

Well economy is getting expensive .. no I am not talking about our world, I am talking about One Piece World.

Is it just me, or Grand Line got some serious economy boost during the time-skip cause all the Pirate bounties we have seen after it are no ordinary.

Lufy: 400 Million

Lip Doughty: 88 Million

Albion: 92 Million

Coribou: 190 Million

Caribou: 210 Million

Trafalgar Law: 440 Million

Jinbe: Over 400 Million

Pekoms: 330 Million

Now that I see these bounties .. Hancock and Crocodile's bounty seem child's game to me. Thou their bounty is low cause WG took them in before they can cause anymore harm but still .. How can some creep like Albion have higher bounty then Crocodile. Of course I understand that now that Crocodile is on New World and he is going wild resulting major boost in his bounty. Bust still, giving Law a huge bounty of 440 million which is more then Luffy? WHERE IS YOU SO CALLED "ABSOLUTE JUSTICE" WG?? Luffy made more damage to WG then law from breaking in the ID to saving Ace from under their nose. I don't understand the logic of giving someone 440 million bounty over a mere act of sending 100 scum pirate heats with a love letter attached.

Still, this is just my opinion. But I would like to know your opinion on these recent BOOM in bounties. Do you think there are good? do you feel they are over? Please tell me your opinion.

This sudden curiosity blog is over and MDM is out.