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Yo people who are disappointed by the previous chapter >_>

MDM here with another Loud-Title Blog.

Now this idea came to me after I got Employee of the Month title yesterday at my work.

This title is given when a employee performs his tasks and meets the expectations of the workplace. Blah blah blah ..

So if we consider Pirate and Marines as workplaces, ..

Who would be their Employee or Crew-mate of the month?

Let me give a example by stating my opinion.

Marine Employee of the Month: Akainu

Ok, now I know you all are heated up from the previous controversial blog from Soul but this is totally different thing. Akainu is a man that follows the orders of his superiors and perform all the tasks without slightest hesitation. In my opinion he is a marine who deserves the title and a proof is his promotion as Fleet Admiral.

Pirate Crew-mate of the Month: Robin

Nico Robin Child Portrait

Don't call me pedo but she looks cute

Now before you start calling me a Robin-fanboy(which I am, Big one), let me tell you my reasons for choosing Robin. Aside from her sexy fashion and matured curves, Robin is perfect crew-mate that any pirate-crew would want. She follows captain's orders without question, she supports the crew in every way she can, she has knowledge and power that can be really handy to the crew. Its like there is a Pirate rule-book programmed in her head that she does everything that a true crew-mate should do.

So this is my choices and they may differ from yours. That is what I would like to ask you,

If you were to give Marine of the Month or Pirate of the Month title to anybody, who would it be?

Do not judge them from their looks for their epic movements, judge them as if you are running that crew and if that crew-mate met your expectations.

So this random and hard to understand blog is over and MDM is out >_>