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For some reason the commenting was disabled, but Who cares :P


So if you have lost or won any bet, be sure to leave a message on the other person's talk page along with the penalty!


Welcome mighty gamblers of this god-forsaken universe!

I welcome you to One Piece Wiki-Casino.

Ok, well this chapter was quite an introduction to how things are going to workout in this tournament. We saw the participants, how the game will be played and what are the levels and also got big of brief background of some of the characters that MIGHT play semi-important role in this arc. So predictions are gonna arise and and theories will shower without a forecast >_> .. so why do this for just words? WHY NOT MAKE THIS BUSINESS?!?!

I know that you are use to make bets and predictions on the chapter and whats going to happen in the manga-future but this time we will put something serious on the line (¬‿¬) Dignity for thought ..

Remember that great incident when someone made bet with DP which DP lost and had to wear a "poop" avatar for a week? Well, why not we all get our hands dirty ..

Rules are simple

1. You can make a BET or PREDICTION that you think will happen in coming chapter or onward in the arc. If you are confident about your prediction then you can "challenge" everyone.

2. If someone reads someone's BET and PREDICTION and disagrees with it, then they can "challenge" back at the commenter and BET some terms such as following.

  • Loser will have to wear the avatar that the winner chooses for 2 to 4 days.
  • Loser will have to write chapter of episode summaries of any 2 episode or chapters.
  • Loser will have to "do a dare" which both parties have agreed upon.

REMEMBER, when you challenge someone's theory and set a BET and whats the penalty of losing, you have to get the other party's agreement before confirming the BET. If one of the part disagrees with the BET or penalty, then you must discuss in the blog OR in the chat till you both can come to a single agreement.

So thats how it is. Make a bet. Make a challenge. You have NOTHING to lose .. except your Dignity (ಥ_ಥ)

AND if you are a MAN or WOMEN .. and have slightest dignity or humanity left in your heart .. then don't chicken away when you lose the challenge >_> BE A MAN! .. or woman .. Respect those god-given pair of balls (´・ω・)っ

This BETTING blog is over and MDM is out.