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Until now we have seen so many amazing devil fruits in One Piece world. Some surprised us like Luffy's Gomu Gomu Nomi No, who knew that rubber is so powerful until we watched One Piece. Some devil fruits went beyond our imagenation, Brook's devil fruit about comming back to life.

Oda will surprise us again in new world when new people with new devil fruit powers we enter the adventure but there are always certain devil fruits that we can think of and want to see in the New World.

So i let my imagenation run wild and came up with few but i know there are many half brothers of Oda on this blog so i would like to know what kind of devil fruits you would like to see.


"Everone of then has a devil inside" (This file no longer exists: File:Devil_Fruits.jpg)

Avatar Avatar Nomi No: If anyone have seen the famous cartoon series Avatar : The Last Airbender they would know that Avatar is a person that can control all 4 elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It would make a perfect choice of fruit of one of the Yonkou that we have yet to see.

Water Water Nomi No: I am really sorry if anyone feels that i copied their idea because this fruit has been in big discussion on the blog but i dont see that its impossible for someone to have power to controll the water. if the person falls in the ocean then he/she can turn normal and drown but as long as they are on the ground, they are undefetable.

Weapon Weapon Nomi No: Just imagine how Robin can grow her body parts from anywhere, a person who can grow weapons from anywhere that he sees. it can be a gun, bazooka of katana but that person is still dangerous.

Death Death Nomo No: This one will one of those cursed Devil Fruits like Blackbeard's darkness fruit. No matter if the opponant is garp, luffy, whitebeard of shanks but if this person touches you then you are dead. the end.

Just for Fun

Womenizer Womenizer Nomo No: you point the girl and she is yours

Seethrough Seethrough Nomi No: you can see through walls and also what color of panties is Nami wearing *nosebleed*.

Fart Fart Nomi No: Just like haki you can defeat you opponant without touching cause you will sorry smell power so strong

thats all i could think of but tell me you opinion and what kind of devil fruits you would like to see.