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Yo eager-to-read new OP-hooligans, MDM here.

Now this is a Bulletin Blog and a One Piece Blog.

Bulletin Notice

One Piece Rage Reborn

I have finally finished the first chapter of my final comic Arc. It was fun making it and I hope you have more fun while reading it. Please let me know if you have any questions or concers about the comic. Enjoy :P


Ok back to blogging, I have a Opinion-hungry question for you all .. here goes ..

During the war of Marineford, in his final fight against Akainu, Whitebeard fought to his hardest and delivered some serious and deadly-strong attacks.

Here is a video if you would like to re-watch the scene

One of the Top Comment on that video got me thinking about questioning Oda's OP Logic =_=

This Attack and This Attack was Whitebeard's strongest and hardest attacks. He was World's Strongest Man and for him to deliver such attack on someone means certain death for that person.


But Akainu lived .. and not just alive but he still had enough strength to figth rest of the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy's allies including Jinbe and Crocodile. There is defiantly some logic-plot-hole in here somewhere >_>

I felt that after reciving that attack, Akainu shoud have died. Now what I would like to know is your opinion on this matter.

  • Was Akainu really stronger then or strong as Whitebeard?
  • Was it his Haki that saved him of his Logia DF powers?
  • Should Akainu have died after reciving that attack?
  • Whats your opinion?

So please write your piece of mind in comments below.

This 50/50 blog is over and MDM is out >_>