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Yo my fellow Humpties and Dumpties.

MDM here with another Opinion blog.

LPK: In my opinion your blogs SUCK!!!

Thanks LPK *shoots LPK in knee* for your *shoot in other knee* contribution. Now lets get back to business ..

This time I would like to know you opinion on out One Piece Wikia CHAT !!!

LK12: What? Why chat? Why not Big Mam? Why not new look of Smoker?

Well cause everybody knows that BIG MAM IS FAT AND SMOKER IS SMOKE.

LK12: Big Mam can be fat due to her DF power and Smoker-

MDM: *faceplam* For love love of sweet neptune's mother *signals the security and they drag LK12 out of the room*

Ok before anymore Big Mam-fanboys revolt I should start our discussion on chat.

My question to you all is that ..

§ What is One Piece wikia chat to you?

§ What do you use the chat for? How often?

§ Are you satisfied by the way chat is today?

§ What changes would you like to see on chat?

*had to change the pic cause there are few Safari racist on the wikia >_>

I am not asking these question cause I have any problem with the chat, I really like the chat cause its where I met all of you One Piece fans and have LOTS of fun but for some weird reason I felt that not everyone sees the chat the same way I do. If I know few of my friend well then I can predict their answer, like ..

MDM: What do you think about One Piece Wikia chat?

Alpha: BEST PART OF THE WIKIA !! I am addicted.

Swim: Its like Mariejois, we idiots meet there and decide the fate of the wikia.

LPK: Best place to advertise your new Blogs.

Sara: Panda .. nuff said.

Panda: Place where I show all those noobs where they blong Muhahaha.

DP: Increases socialization and decreases the productivity.

Sff9: ..................................................................................

Yep, so this how I think their answer be but what do you know? I might be wrong. So that is why I would like to ask you ..

What is One Piece wikia chat to you?

Please write your response in the comments bellow and be honest. This is just to see how people see the chat.

So this opinion blog which may turn serious later is over and MDM is out >_>