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Yo Lovers, MEMEs, Trolls, Spammers, UFO Mods, RPing Admins and rest of you hooligans.

MDM here with another blog made from sheer curiosity.

This time our TOO(Target of Observation) is This Mysterious 3 eye girl from Big Mam Crew.

Please ignore the Title, I use to make nice blog titles, then I took some serious wiki failures to the knee >_>

File:Big Mom Pirates Member 1.png
Ok now, since we don't know her name .. lets give her a temporary name and use it till her real name is revealed .. lets see .. *looks around* hmm *checks drawer and finds a Ring Pop* .. Ring .. .. *Remembers girl named "Ringo" from Air Gear* hmmm OK !!! HER NAME WILL BE


Ok now that we have a name for her and also a cute image, lets began the observation and yield as many theories as we can. Lets see what else she does for living aside from being externally cute(cheesy pick up is cheesy)

I will take the first shot-

  • Her calm behavior toward Big Mam's action(eating her own crew, happy about burning islands) proves that she is fearless and is strong willed.
  • As she is sitting in a special chair beside Big Mam proves that she holds a high rank in Big Mam's crew(1st mate, Voce Captain, Navigator, Physic(as BLS predicted).
  • Her mysterious 3rd eye can be result of DF. Still, its too soon to say cause we also have people like Moria and people of Skypia who are born with different look. This girl might also be from some special tribe and one of her kind.
  • On first look it seems she is Big Mam's daughter but .. *looks at Big Mam* .. nope .. never.
  • She is cute.
  • She is really really cute.
  • *looks to left* hmm *looks to fight* mm .. RINGO FOR THE 10th SH !!!!!!! ........ Just kidding.

Ok, so this are the theories I came up with. It my differ from your theories and I will be happy to hear your opinions.

TOO Blog over, MDM out