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Yo OP-hooligans, MDM here-

MJ: -and no Fuck was given that day.

umm thanks for the warm welcome MJ .. so as I was saying-

Panda: -before realizing that, no one is listening.

Oh, Panda is here too =_= is today "Roast MDM Day"?? Ok roasting aside I have very opinion-seeking question today-

LPK: -but still can't make a proper blog title >_>

Seriously, what is this about? did I do something wrong?

Dp: .. wait .. let me re-phrase that question .. Did you ever do something right?

.. .. .. Point taken. But seriously lets get on with the blog before the readers get bored ..

as the out-of-blue title states, this blog is about PIRATES !!!

Neo: ohh we didn't know it was about pirates until you told us. we still did't get it while reading One Piece for 11 years that this blog might be related to pirates. thanks for letting us now Captain Obvious.

Wow, just wow. the last person I wanted to be roasted by has joined the game. Gotta finish this before it gets ugly .. .. if you know what I mean ..

So for everyone who has ability to remember things from way way past .. my question is ..


(Panda and Neo prepares broom and baseball bat)

Oh wait .. let me re-phrase that ..

How did you see Pirates before you started reading One Piece or watched Pirates of Caribbean?

for example ..

In my case .. before reading One Piece or watching Pirates of Caribbean .. I saw pirates like THIS !!! ARE YOU READY KIDS??? I CAN'T HEAR YOU @!!!!

Then I watched Pirates of Caribbean and Pirates became good guys somehow >_> not to forget most expensive ..

Then I came across One Piece and Pirate epicness just went to next level ..

ok ok ok ok I accepted the fact of females pirates BUT WHY Do THEY WALK AROUND IN BIKINIS ???

Ok ok ok ok Pirates were suppose to be ugly and when girls see then they are suppose yo screem "KYAAAAAA SCARY PIRATES ARE HERE" but now they scream "KYAAAA THE HOTS GUYS ARE IN THE TOWN" .. .. WHYYYYYYY

'I give 'my humble thanks to Whitebeard for showing the young audience of today how a TRUE PIRATE should be like .. BADASS !!!!!!

Now just for today's Sabo Day Special .. I am sorry Ming for stealing your avatar but since our views of Pirates have changed over time ..

Ok ok ok ok thats enough for my part. Now tell me your thoughts about pirates before One Piece.

This I-tried-my-best blog is over and MDM is out >_>