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Yo Guys, MDM here.

I don't usually make reviews but when I do, I make them AHOU !!!

This chapter was disappointing for few, emotional for few and some had mixed feelings. Its not your fault, its just that Oda is again emotionally trolling our tender feelings.

My view of this chapter was very similar to my view of Whitebeard's death and Going Merry's funeral. Completely left in tears.

Ok the beginning was like watching porn but then you realize that you forgot to bring tissue. Nami is now so open-minded that she keeps the shower room doors open too. Furry scrub(Chopper) and pay-per-view clients (Me, You, Sanji and Brook) cause enjoy the performance live in HD. I would like to thank Oda for making One Peice so .. .. .. matching to its fan's taste.

Now next we see a nice father-son fishing scene. Surprisingly, SHs know Mc Donald and KFC. Their orders sounded like Fishman Island was serving them carrot and broccoli. Now here if you see that Zoro used one sword and made 360 POUND CANNON attack. In past it took him strength of all 3 sword but now only 1 so its a hint that he has tripled his powers during the training. Still after huge family-meal they get to some serious business. Its white, its long and its alive. Now hold that dirty thought you ladies cause its just a white storm. So they get sucked-KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE TABLE DAMMIT!!!

Now here starts me fav scene, its LABOON!!! I know most of you went WTF when you saw a giant whale with scars similar to Laboon and we let our imagination run wild thinking of possibilities of Laboon actually making a hole in Red Line and coming over. But it was a relief when it was not Laboon cause then Brook's case might become .. .. .. complicated. Yes, Brook and Laboon are in complicated relationship. Still my best guess is that those whales got that scars from banging their heads against something that want out of their way, pirates, marines, ships or anything else.

Now next we go to the best part of the scene. Brook singing BLINK SAKE out of blue. It brought tears to my eyes and really made me look forward to that scene in anime. It was amazing finishing touch to the chapter but looks like Oda did not stop there.

Finally, SHs enter New World and the Party is ON !!

Seriosuly, this chapter was like fore-shadowing of new Arcs in New World. Easy way, little fun, trouble, narrow escape, little emotional ending and all well that ends well.

Ok so this random, long, wet, dreamy chapter review is over-HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO TELL YOU, KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE TABLE !!!

MDM OUT !! >_>