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Yo MDM here

The Picture i am taking about is the New Chapter's color Cover Page.

Now this pictures gives idea of how the SH will look in their fights.

Luffy: The smoke is that heats up the battle

Zoro: One of the most badass pose ever by Zoro

Sanji: Get ready to take some grilled kicks Hordy

Ussop: This time he has more then just ketchup star

Nami: Nice body Na- i mean pose Nami-Swan

Chopper: Well it looks like our Chopper is finally turing in yo a true man or atleast looks like one


Brook: Its going to be a Jaw dropping performance from Brook this time everyone so get ready

Robin: now here is where the picture is saying rest of 800 words. I see 2 Robin-chwaan in there. Does that mean that Robin can grow her clone just like she can grow her hands and legs. From the picture it is highly provable but the fact that stopper me was that. When ever Robin grows her body part, she can dosen't grow the clothes that she wore at that time. Like when she makes her hands grow there are no sleeves. So if she makes her clone grow.........will her clone will grown with no.......................*turning red* Clothes *Giant Nosebleed* sorry guys i was not born perv but One Piece made me one. Still that is why i think that Robin can't make her clone.

So What are your Opinions on Robin's powers and The rest of the SH's cool poses.