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Yo emo-chums who got inactive-cause-the-blogs-are-gone disease.

Rise and shine my fellow comrades cause the dark clouds of April 1st are gone and the wiki is back in action again and so are our blogs. Consider this a Prank, Solution, Security Measurements or joke but what happened, happened for the best but now its our duty to treasure what we have and revive this dead wikia. Sulking in sorrow while thinking about leaving, being inactive and offended by the pranks will not get you the future you wished for.

Lets all go back to our cheerful selves and I know just the reason why. Today is birthday of our very own ..

Soul King Humming Brook.


Now I know that Ryu and Neo are in-charge of this little One Piece Birthday extravaganza but for this time I will take matters into my own hands to boost the moral of this sunk-to-darkest-emo-pit wikia. So as the drill goes everyone should inject themselves with Brook-fever and share their fan-cheers for Soul King Brook. May it be .. ..

  • A mini song you wrote on Brook
  • A Skull joke or Soul joke
  • Brook Meme (Philosophizer Brook will be much appreciated)
  • Wearing Brook-themed avatar

For Brook there are varieties of themes you can attach to your avatar and if you need help then just comment with request and I will try my best to provide you with the theme-attached avatars. Since I am new to this field I would request Ryu-chan and Neo to help me in this campaign in-case the request get out of my might. Thou I doubt if wiki member will get back to their usual wildness but this is worth a try =_= if the Ahou King did not act when the wiki needed him the most then whats the point of him being there in first place?

Ok so let the BONES GO WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COME ON BABY!!!!!!!!!

Panda: I am not your baby =_=


DP: Hello? we have a birthday reminder on the main page, whats the point of this blog?


Zori: so does your pick-up lines.

Nada: [Insert Random Insult toward MDM, make it cheak like him]

Neo: Your blog is not worhty of recieving a comment from the Mighty Neo, bow before me you lowly mortal

Coffee: MDM FOR ADMIN!!!


DP: Hold that thought, .. I think you are on to something ..

So much love TT^TT Ok guys get your wild gears started and get those lazy bones shaking cause we are back in business. LET THE BONES BE WILDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

This blog is over and MDM is-

~~MDM was Kickbanned~~