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Yo All, MDM here.

As cheesy as the title may sound, I am really happy today ^_^ we all gonna die .. and I am taking you all with me >:( .. but before that ..

Ohh~ the Youth ~_~ ..

Well whatever .. better do all the stuff you didn't get chance to do till now like ..

  • Ask out the girl you are too shy to talk to ..
  • Drink Red Bull and jump from a building to see if the wings work ..
  • Ask Sff9 to show his/her/its photo ..
  • Write a theory about Sabo being alive on DP's talk page and don't put your sig at the end ..
  • Last masterbathing or stick-donut action ..
  • Go to MLP wiki and make friends ..
  • Send all your saving to MDM .. in cash .. as soon as possible .. gold is also legit currency ..

ok ok enough scum-bagging .. better discuss some OP before someone brings up blog-rules and deletes this blog ( ._.) ..

So .. the world is ending(anything is fine as long as I don't have to shovel the snow tomorrow) .. and Christmas is coming close .. now lets imagine that Oda took-over Santa's business ..

and he is Generous enough to grant your 2 WISHES .. but with limited selection ..

1.) From world of One Piece and One Piece Wiki, who would you like to marry?

2.) From world of One Piece, who would you like to kill?

REMEMBER KIDS! You can only choose someone from OP wiki and One Piece World to marry but to kill you have to only choose from One Piece World. I don't want any rival-business blooming on this blog while everyone is having such a good time ( ._.)

.. ok thats it .. One person who you want to marry from OP wiki and OP world and one person to kill from OP world only. ONLY ONE PERSON!

and if you have any bucket list wish you like to share that you want to do before you die .. feel free to share .. like ..

BEFORE I DIE, I want to eat a sandwich with TWO SLICES OF CHEESE (*^*)

.. there, I said it .. >_> .. I REGRET NOTHING!!

ok ok enough bullshit .. MDM out .. but remember ..