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  • Monkey.D.Me

    Yo All ( ._.)/

    A late wishes to both my Canadian and American brothers and girlfriends for their Independence Day!

    Capt: Thanku :3 On this great occasion on behalf of Canada I would lik-

    MOVING ON! to more important stuff >_> this week's One Piece chapter and a little creativity activity~

    Zori: creativity activity?? (*^*) Are we gonna make our ideal next SH??

    =_= I rather shoot myself in head with a gun full of dull steel forks >_>

    (LPK passes MDM a gun full of dull forks)

    MOVING ON! >:(

    This week's chapter was all over the place >_> it was hard to understand what was going on cause everything was in pieces ..

    First up it was introduction of one of the GodFamingo Family member .. Granny WINE GLASS!…

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  • Monkey.D.Me

    YO ALL!! MDM HERE! \(*_*)/ don't ask why ..

    Don't ask me anything about the title either (ಠ_ಠ) ..

    and DON'T YOU DARE to ask me if I own a 7/11 or if my dad is Driving school instructor ..

    Question aside, I hope everyone already read today's chapter ( ._.)/ if not then don't bother reading this cause I am just gonna ruin it .. in MDMWay~

    I know that the Notorious Witch has already made her review blog but due to request from OP WIKI'S #1 SWEETHEART .. so, I decided to make one cause after this one I might not make one in near future .. cause I am officially becoming a EDITOR on BERSERK WIKI ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    LPK: Pffft .. MDM .. Editing? XDXDXD

    凸(-_-)凸 STFU LPK! ok, reality aside >_> if anyone reads berserk and wants to help out with some "much appreciated editing" then …

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  • Monkey.D.Me

    Garp and Ranting

    April 23, 2013 by Monkey.D.Me

    Yo All, MDM here who Happy Passed his Exams (。◕‿◕。)

    now back to Ranting .. (¬_¬)


    Monkey.D.Garp ..

    The TeaHound Garp ..

    The navy hero Garp ..

    The CrackerMonster Garp ..

    The Undefeated Donuts-Eating Champion Garp ..

    The Garp that we keep hearing rumors about his ridiculous strength from many One Piece legends like Whitebeard, Gold Roger, Rayliegh, Shakky, Big Mam, Shanks and ect. ect. ..

    WTF is his strength anyways (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

    Well Garp, Gold Roger and Kong are current known monsters with unknown abilities.

    Garp is seen doing cannon-softball tryouts .. and some Love-Fisting .. (¬‿¬) wow, that last one sounded soooo wrong~

    Gold Roger is seen so far doing nothing but smiling and posing with a sword and gun .. also showing possibility to future in Sea King-whispering …

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  • Monkey.D.Me

    Dexas, Hold'em

    April 3, 2013 by Monkey.D.Me

    For some reason the commenting was disabled, but Who cares :P


    So if you have lost or won any bet, be sure to leave a message on the other person's talk page along with the penalty!


    Welcome mighty gamblers of this god-forsaken universe!

    I welcome you to One Piece Wiki-Casino.

    Ok, well this chapter was quite an introduction to how things are going to workout in this tournament. We saw the participants, how the game will be played and what are the levels and also got big of brief background of some of the characters that MIGHT play semi-important role in this arc. So predictions are gonna arise and and theories will shower without a forecast >_> .. so why do this for just words? WHY …

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  • Monkey.D.Me

    Finally! Some Action

    March 19, 2013 by Monkey.D.Me

    Yo Depressed Fans of One Piece.

    So just made the blog to say that now we will get to see some action.

    ok this blog is over and MDM is out >_>


    Naaaaa just kidding :P don't put me in list of 2-liner bloggers >_> I can do better than that with my eyes closed .. speaking of closed eyes .. this new blind guy reminds me of Undertaker from WWE .. not sure why ..

    Also, Zoro's sword got stolen, ok that didn't sound right ..

    His reaction was quite normal from what I was excepting, I was expecting him to go ape-shit in the whole bar …

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