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So with much of Laws new ability seen to switch a person's heart out, or even chop the body up, does that mean Law has the ability to build the ultimate DF user? As we have seen with Smoker and Chopper their DF stayed with the bodies, but what if Law would combine bodies into one, like the centaurs. Since the samurai is experiencing an issue with sea water even though his lower portion is the only part touching it, does the advantage also tranfer, that his upper and lower body can both use his DF ability? So if you could combine any DF with any body, don't have to already be a DF users, what would your combination be?

Luffy and Robin: a true gatling gun abilty, unlike how Enel pointed out it just being two arms
Borsalino and Zoro: a swordsman that can't be cut and could slice something at the speed of light.
Magellan and Chopper: a cute little reindeer that could sneak up on people and then use his poison to kill the unsuspecting.