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Ok, now with the new "Lucy" this final match could get pretty interesting.  I can't wait to see how shocked the other contestants will be when they find that this person is not Luffy.  Though for new "Lucy", it could be pretty surprising when they find out who already hates them.  My guess is the fact this is no longer Luffy and each of the final contestants will assume he is they will each try and use his main weakness against him, seastone or water.  Currently we can't be sure if new "Lucy" has a DF, but I am guessing not.  This will work greatly to his advantage, since everyone is already planning against Luffy and his DF and will receive a completely different fighting style.  What are people's thoughts on this new turn of events?  Do you think new "Lucy" will be able to win the tournament or will he have to take the Fire Fruit by other means?  Do you think Mingo will assume that since he may see "Lucy" fighting that he can relax and ends up letting down his guard?

One thing I am still wondering on is how the revolutionary army found out about this revolt that is about to occur.  There has been no mention of them by any of the people getting ready to fight for freedom nor that there will be any sort of support.  What help do you think the revolutionary's army will be for the battles, if any?