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  • MmmMeat

    And in this corner new "Lucy"

    December 11, 2013 by MmmMeat

    Ok, now with the new "Lucy" this final match could get pretty interesting.  I can't wait to see how shocked the other contestants will be when they find that this person is not Luffy.  Though for new "Lucy", it could be pretty surprising when they find out who already hates them.  My guess is the fact this is no longer Luffy and each of the final contestants will assume he is they will each try and use his main weakness against him, seastone or water.  Currently we can't be sure if new "Lucy" has a DF, but I am guessing not.  This will work greatly to his advantage, since everyone is already planning against Luffy and his DF and will receive a completely different fighting style.  What are people's thoughts on this new turn of events?  Do …

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  • MmmMeat

    DF combo

    May 30, 2012 by MmmMeat

    So with much of Laws new ability seen to switch a person's heart out, or even chop the body up, does that mean Law has the ability to build the ultimate DF user? As we have seen with Smoker and Chopper their DF stayed with the bodies, but what if Law would combine bodies into one, like the centaurs. Since the samurai is experiencing an issue with sea water even though his lower portion is the only part touching it, does the advantage also tranfer, that his upper and lower body can both use his DF ability? So if you could combine any DF with any body, don't have to already be a DF users, what would your combination be?

    Luffy and Robin: a true gatling gun abilty, unlike how Enel pointed out it just being two arms
    Borsalino and Zoro…

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  • MmmMeat

    Smelly DF

    April 18, 2012 by MmmMeat

    Soooo.....a Gas DF....hmmmm..... I know that we have seen plenty of Logia fruits now but this one is just kind of coming out of left field. So what kinds of cool things can Gas-Gas do? Pull my finger? Seriously though this will be interesting what Oda does with this and how any of the SH pirates will be able to compete against it. Maybe with Law's help they can put the soul of Luffy into something that doesn't need to breath, then no effect of the gas. I can't wait to see Luffy put CC into a tiny little bottle and watch him beg to be released.

    What are some of the best ideas you have for what the Gas-Gas fruit can do?

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  • MmmMeat

    Law's Odd Reaction

    April 12, 2012 by MmmMeat

    After reading the latest chapter it seemed odd the way Law reacted to Luffy talking to him. It wasn't until the end that I thought maybe Law's flashback was really him remembering it happening. What if Law is working at Punk Hazard is really a form of mind control, like how Kuma has become completely obedient. The reminder of his crew bear may have brought back those memories and now he is pissed a CC about being manipulated the way he has been. What are your thoughts, does this make sense or do you think Law just didn't want to face Luffy? It seemed odd that if he was so concerned about people being there that he wouldn't just let SH crew get away so simply. That also might explain what he wanted to get back and wanted to meet up wi…

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  • MmmMeat

    Law's True Intentions?

    March 14, 2012 by MmmMeat

    After reading the latest chapter I think that Law came to the island upon hearing the distress call with Luffy on it. He may have already been in the area or was some how notified by Jinbe about the Strawhats arriving in the New World and he was looking to meet up with Luffy, be it to fight or to be civilized like Shanks and Mihawk. I think the characters that have been combined so far with animals is just a "coincidence" to Law being there but he almost absolutely is the one who chopped up the head. I think after trying to get rid of the marines quick he will chase after the SH to find out where Luffy is.

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