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Big Brother - Wiki Style

Misk Wisk November 16, 2012 User blog:Misk Wisk

Well, I guess now is as good a time as any with the lack of new blogs being made. Time for my first (and probably only) blog on this wiki.

I suppose some background would be a good starting point. A some weeks ago now, MDM and THT were having another argument. After reading this, my first thought was "If we could put them in a house together, we could probably make a decent reality show". This thought then became "Why stop with just them? Why not add a few other wiki members and give them challenges". I then realised I was just coming up with Big Brother for the wiki.

So, here are my ideas:

  • Which wiki members would you like to see in a Big Brother House style environment?


  • What challenges would you give them?

My list would be something like: MDM, THT, DP, Neo, Zori and me (for the sake of being fair, I feel the others should get a chance to kill me for this). I can't really come up with any good Big Brother style challenges other than see how long MDM can avoid killing THT or how long I could avoid everyone in a small house.

Anyway, that's the blog, now I'll go and hide.

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