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Which yonko is the strawhats and the heart pirates aiming for?

Mejiaj1 May 24, 2012 User blog:Mejiaj1

As one of the first pages of chapter 668 stated, right now the heart pirates and the strawhats pirates have now formed a alliance. Their Goal as we all know is to take down one of the yonko. But the question that i been wondering, which of the yonko is the Luffy and Law are aiming to beat? Is it Blackbeard, Shanks, Big mom or Kaido? What are you comments about this of alliance? In my opinion I think that the Yonko that Luffy and Law are aiming for is either Big Mom or Blackbeard and i think that alliance is very cool and i can't wait to see what happen after the Punk Hazard arc!

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