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Rokushiki which one will you pick?

Mejiaj1 June 22, 2012 User blog:Mejiaj1
So as i was watching scrubs, I notice that One piece wiki have been a litttle quite lately. So am going to bring the topic of CP9, as you know cp9 have this martial art called Rokushiki.As you know Rokushiki has 6 techniques(Soru,Kami-e, Shigan,Geppo,Tekkia, and Rankyaku) including the 7th one Rokugan. So i ask myself if i would to pick one of these techniques, which one would i pick? And the answer is Soru because I like to run and if i get into a fight(which am weak at fighting) I can avoid it. So my question to you is if you were to pick one of these Rokushiki techniques which one would you pick? and why?
Soru Infobox

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