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Realizing your Dreams!

Mejiaj1 June 1, 2012 User blog:Mejiaj1

As show in One Piece all of the Strawhats has a Dream from Luffy becoming the Pirate King to Brook meeting with Laboon again. Then i realize in myself that when have I realize my own dreams? How will I acheive my dreams? Then realized my 1st dream is to become a Chef someday,my 2nd dream to make a big feast with all my friends, and finally my final dream is to become the best chef in the world.To acheive my dreams I will finish high school then most probably i go to a culinary college and study classical French cook and Pastry skills,Also later I will beat the current best chef in the world Joel Robuchon :). So what are your dream or dreams? How will you acheive your dream or dreams?

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