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So today is my one year being on One Piece Wiki and the first ever wiki that i ever been log into and all i got to say is that this first year have been great. With all the members welcoming me the first time, with the blog wars i joined before summer, with the all laughs, blogs and one piece discussions that we have. Am glad that i am part of this wiki and made a lot friends like:

  • Big Brother MDM
  • Big Brother Hungry
  • Big Sis Zori
  • Master Ryu
  • Father DP
  • Brother OP
  • Aunt Calu
  • Brother Wierdo
  • long long long long  long lost distance cousin THT
  • Uncle X
  • Mother Panda
  • Uncle PX
  • Brother AYET
  • cousin wonderfulunicorn
  • Aunt Nada
  • Cousin DSP

and the rest that i didn't mention( i can't remember so many names) but the rest are all awesome friends and i am happy to be on this wiki :) Mejiaj1