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So as i was in the chat in One Piece, I was wondering in all of the naked woman scenes in One Piece they never show the  nipples in those scenes. They do show the boobs but they always block out the nipples. For example in the thriller park scene, when nami was taking a shower(why would she take a shower in such a creepy place) and her nipples was block by little clouds. Another example when Boa Hancock was taking another bath and her nipples was covered by her hair. And hear a lot one piece fans saying that One Piece is a kids show but does a kid show, show people getting murder, some blood, having a lot of sexually references, and perverts to the kids(aka Momonosuke) to the adults in One Piece. I am no One Piece perv(but I am getting close to that point) but Oda put that much content to a "kids show", why not show some nipples and if he did that, Oda would have so much OP fans and also all of the One Piece Pervs will go wild(especially the Nami and Robin fans). So what are your thoughts about it?