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As some of you know yesterday episode of One Piece gave us  a new opening called Wake Up from AAA.When I saw this opening yesterday on Youtube, I thought that it was great opening not as good as the last opening  Hands Up but great overall.This opening was great for me because first of all the begining of the song was pretty funny with the whole chopper,usopp, and Luffy  chasing the golden beetle. Another part of the song I like was the scene with Luffy battling Akainu,Zoro fighting Fujitora, and Sanji fighting Kizaru.Also the song is catchy in a way and the whole 15 anniversary(which by the way HAPPY 15th Anniversary One Piece :D). But the parts i didn't like was the whole Blackbeard scene  and also the fact that the opening didn't show much of the  dressrosa arc. So what are your thoughts about this new opening?

here is the link to the opening: