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So right now at chapter 696 of One Piece towards the end of chapter we finally out which Yonkou that Law and luffy are planning to fight which is Kaido of the 100 beast(finally we see which predictions was right or wrong :) ) but then Luffy said in the last page of the chapter that he wants to defeat all of the Yonkou including Shanks  . Which for me Luffy is way out of his league. We see in the marineford arc how it took about the whole entire marines(which have the Shichibukai,  the three admirals, and a lot of elite marines) to take down at least of the Yonkou (aka Whitebeard) who was very old and have bad health problems.Also know that fact that most of the Yonkou are healthy and not as old or young and right now we see Luffy saying so calmly that i want to defeat them all -_- Luffy doesn't have the strength(in my opinion) to defeat a admiral, at least not yet he isn't. But really we see at first he provokes Big Mom and now he going after Kaidou and he probably going after Blackbeard too, In which his two devil fruits would probably crush Luffy. Luffy could win maybe with Law or some other powerful allies but on a one to one fight luffy will probably lose against any of the Yonkou or at least he is not at that level yet. So what are your opinion about Luffy statement of taking down all the Yonkou?