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    As some of you know yesterday episode of One Piece gave us  a new opening called Wake Up from AAA.When I saw this opening yesterday on Youtube, I thought that it was great opening not as good as the last opening  Hands Up but great overall.This opening was great for me because first of all the begining of the song was pretty funny with the whole chopper,usopp, and Luffy  chasing the golden beetle. Another part of the song I like was the scene with Luffy battling Akainu,Zoro fighting Fujitora, and Sanji fighting Kizaru.Also the song is catchy in a way and the whole 15 anniversary(which by the way HAPPY 15th Anniversary One Piece :D). But the parts i didn't like was the whole Blackbeard scene  and also the fact that the opening didn't show m…

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  • Mejiaj1

    So like three week ago  it was revealed that One Piece will have a new opening called Hands UP! Which when i saw the opening i got really excitied not only because that was kind of sick of We go! but also that this opening shows a lot of the Characters that is going to be featured on the Punk Hazard Arc like Donflamigo and Vergo, which in opinion gives too many Spoilers to the arc for any anime only watching One Piece fans. But overall i think that the song s nice and i like how they put a couple of color spread covers. So what are thoughts about the new opening?

    For anyone who haven't seen the new opening here it is:

    Also guys please subscribed my youtube channel:…

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  • Mejiaj1

    So as i was in the chat in One Piece, I was wondering in all of the naked woman scenes in One Piece they never show the  nipples in those scenes. They do show the boobs but they always block out the nipples. For example in the thriller park scene, when nami was taking a shower(why would she take a shower in such a creepy place) and her nipples was block by little clouds. Another example when Boa Hancock was taking another bath and her nipples was covered by her hair. And hear a lot one piece fans saying that One Piece is a kids show but does a kid show, show people getting murder, some blood, having a lot of sexually references, and perverts to the kids(aka Momonosuke) to the adults in One Piece. I am no One Piece perv(but I am getting clo…

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  • Mejiaj1

    One year in the OP Wiki!

    March 20, 2013 by Mejiaj1

    So today is my one year being on One Piece Wiki and the first ever wiki that i ever been log into and all i got to say is that this first year have been great. With all the members welcoming me the first time, with the blog wars i joined before summer, with the all laughs, blogs and one piece discussions that we have. Am glad that i am part of this wiki and made a lot friends like:

    • Big Brother MDM
    • Big Brother Hungry
    • Big Sis Zori
    • Master Ryu
    • Father DP
    • Brother OP
    • Aunt Calu
    • Brother Wierdo
    • long long long long  long lost distance cousin THT
    • Uncle X
    • Mother Panda
    • Uncle PX
    • Brother AYET
    • cousin wonderfulunicorn
    • Aunt Nada
    • Cousin DSP

    and the rest that i didn't mention( i can't remember so many names) but the rest are all awesome friends and i am happy to be on this wik…

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  • Mejiaj1

    So right now at chapter 696 of One Piece towards the end of chapter we finally out which Yonkou that Law and luffy are planning to fight which is Kaido of the 100 beast(finally we see which predictions was right or wrong :) ) but then Luffy said in the last page of the chapter that he wants to defeat all of the Yonkou including Shanks  . Which for me Luffy is way out of his league. We see in the marineford arc how it took about the whole entire marines(which have the Shichibukai,  the three admirals, and a lot of elite marines) to take down at least of the Yonkou (aka Whitebeard) who was very old and have bad health problems.Also know that fact that most of the Yonkou are healthy and not as old or young and right now we see Luffy saying so…

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