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I'm writing this blog because of one thing that seems strange to me.

While entering the Grand Line, Crocus said to the Straw Hats that the seven routes of the Grand Line have about the same difficulties. He meant that there wasn't any easy way, and all of them had the same dangers. But what dangers met the Straw Hats?

  • In Whiskey Peak, the danger was high for every crew, but only because Crocodile placed there hundreds of bounty hunters. Before the raise of the Baroque Works (during Roger's times for example), Whiskey Peak was probably a peaceful island.
  • Little Garden is actually dangerous because of the time for the Log Pose to reset (one year) and the beasts that live there.
  • Drum would have been actually a quiet place to relax if only Wapol hadn't returned in that occasion.
  • Arabasta was troublesome but nothing special for some other crew, which maybe didn't care about Vivi and the fate of the country. Another crew would have ignored the rebellion.
  • Jaya was a chaotic place but there weren't strong enemies.
  • With some "luck" the Loge Pose would have not pointed to Skypiea, so the Straw Hats would have reached directly the following island.
  • Longring Longland? Davy Back Fight? Fake dangers. The Straw Hats could refuse to fight. The presence of Aokiji was caused by his search of Robin; another crew would have set sail easily.
  • Water 7 is a beautiful place, there is only the Aqua Laguna, but it arrives only once in a year and however, a normal crew would have stayed in a hotel for the time.
  • All the Enies Lobby arc would have not existed for another crew.
  • Thriller Bark is a dangerous place but, like Whiskey Peak, dangers come from Moriah and not from an eternal menace.

Damn, it seems that the Straw Hats had a lot of problems from a super-easy route. What do you think?