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Well, the Dressrosa arc is gonna take at last another couple of months. Ok, it will be a great arc, but it's the longest arc ever seen. Before I start to talk about next cover story, let me underline a thing. In the east blue saga, we saw all short arcs. In the Paradise, we saw short arcs which were as long as the east blue arcs (Jaya, Impel Down, Drum, Long Ring Long Land...) and a new length of arcs: Alabasta, Skypiea, Water 7, Enies Lobby... Maybe, in the New World, Oda is going to make "short" arcs as Punk Hazard's and "long" arcs as Dressrosa's, which is going lo last at least 80-100 chapters. I'm sure that the Wa arc will take a lot of time, since it is based on Japan.

To explain what Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook did during the Dressrosa arc, I think that the new cover story will involve them. These are my previsions:

  • Jinbe, after having left Caribou to the G-5 marines, continues doing his job under Big Mom's orders.
  • He discovers that Big Mom is sending someone against the Thousand Sunny near Dressrosa, connecting to the primary storyline.
  • Jinbe meets the Straw Hat pirates and the Heart pirates at Zo island and have some adventures with them. Maybe the same thing that Kin'emon, Momonosuke and Kanjuro had to do, because they have Momonosuke who know what the mission was.
  • If I'm right (ok, I know I'm not going to win the clarvoyance award this year) when Luffy & co. come from Dressrosa, the two crews will depart immediately.

Since I'm not going to win the clarvoyance award, help me at least in winning the "most appreciate blog" contest, which takes part in my head everytime I'm not under the effect of psycotherapy's medicines! :)