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We saw few things of him, and the same is for the others Teach's crew members. Personally I agree with Oda: till the fight between the crews it would be useless to show the real power of the enemy. But at the moment don't you think that Burgess is overstimated by us, by Oda and by Blackbeard? Actually Blackbeard knows his nakama, and Oda has probably an idea of why he is with this powerful people, but I think we are "allowed" to complain about him with Oda. And the same is for Doc Q: I will talk about this in another thread. Who is Burgess? He's strong enough to lift a house, or bar, or whatever, on Banaro island, he is known as a champion but... he seems weak.

  • For what I feel, Luffy would knock out him with a single punch.
  • The same is for Zoro, even if I'm pretty sure the two won't fight.
  • Sanji... maybe they'll fight but beside - maybe - some problem, the cook would have an easy match.
  • Franky is made by steel. Would Burgess be able to break steel with a fist? I hope, even because I bet on them duelling.
  • Nami, Usopp, Robin, Brook, Chopper: they would probably be defeated but they're not at his level.

Please remember, I'm not saying he's weak in absolute terms, but when I compare him with top fighters he always loses. I think that even Bellamy would defeat Burgess!

And now it's your turn: are you Burgess' fans or Burger Kings? Ops, my comic side is growing...