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Friendship between Luffy and Bellamy

Meganoide September 9, 2014 User blog:Meganoide

About the friendship between Lyffy and Bellamy: it's totally weird!

  • They left each other in Jaya as enemies.
  • When they meet in Dressrosa, Bellamy only says that he doesn't hate Luffy anymore; he also hints that he may have hurt Luffy's friends in Skypiea.
  • Oddly enough, Luffy encourages Bellamy during the B block of the corrida.
  • Bellamy doesn't want to kill Luffy. Why??? He helps Luffy to exit the colosseum. Why???
  • After reaching Doflamingo, Luffy says that he and Bellamy are friends. Damn, why???

Ten berries to the first that explains this to me.

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