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The first time i thought this was abviously after the whitebeard war, with Moria, Jinbe and Teach losing their positions. I had some idea of why that thing should happen, but those ideas were not too much so i quickly abandoned the arguement. When i read the wereabouts of the other supernovas besides of Luffy and Zoro, i found some new pun which make me think again that Drake could become a Shichibukai. These are my ideas, the old ones and the new ones together:

  • The Shichibukai must be known pirates, and Drake, as a former marine and a supernova, satisfies this necessity;
  • He joined piracy only for curiosity; he can be interested in discovering how the Shichibukai life is;
  • He is a former marine, so he believes in some sort of justice: being a Shichibukai he could chase pirates as before his resignement;
  • It would be interesting (at least for me) seeing Luffy vs a T-Rex, of however some fight of Drake: so he can't simply be defeated in the New World before the timeskip, and not shown anymore;
  • He has an animal theme, the Tyrannosaurus;
  • He probably fought Kaidou, and i think he has been defeated (otherwise Kaidou is very weak): it is the same story of Moria, who became a Shichibukai;
  • Moria is not a Shichibukai by now: it's a sort of "enemy of Kaidou"-spot free;
  • We don't know the name of any member of his crew (the same is with other supernovas' crew), but Drake's ones are the worst drawn: i think that they have all been killed by Kaidou. And Drake without a crew cannot become the new pirate king.

What do you think about this?