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I love to remember, for the pirates who don't come from the Grand Line, from which sea they are from. I noticed in this way that the four seas seem to give a specific appeal in near the totality of them. Remember that i said not exactly all of them.

South Blue: cool characters. Examples:

  • Franky (Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper!)
  • Ace (I hope no proof is needed)
  • Kid and Killer (aren't they cool with their rockband clothings?)
  • Inazuma (he's always drinking wine)
  • Bonney (tipical gag of people eating continuously)

West Blue: scaring and mysterious characters. Examples:

  • Robin (since Ohara's Buster Call, and for her DF)
  • Moria (Thriller Bark is exactly this)
  • Brook (he's a living skeletron)
  • Hogback and Cindry (a dark doctor and a zombie)
  • Capone Bege (mafia is a "little" mysterious, right?)
  • Daz Bones (always serious killer)

North Blue: strange willed characters. Examples:

  • Sanji (refuses to kick women)
  • Law (he refuses to go into the New World by now)
  • X. Drake (a marine who became a pirate, maybe the only canonical one)
  • Hawkins (with his ability, he's calm even facing Kizaru)
  • Bellamy and Cirkeys (the only two pirates who believe in the New Age excluding Doflamingo [in facts he's their former leader])
  • Montblanc Cricket (he spent his life in trying to confirm Noland's story)

And from East Blue I don't find a recurrent charateristic. What do you think about this?