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"The Grand Line surpasses your wildest immaginations, and the enemies will be strong." Rayleigh to Luffy.

Well, so Rayleigh (actually Oda) thinks we cannot imagine what is waiting for the Straw Hats in the New World! Honestly Urouge's first island was a surprise for me, but Apoo's one is only a little strange and the others seem to be normal islands. Let's teach him one thing or two; let's explain what WE imagine! I mean both strong Devil Fruits (but so this blog would be identical to some DF's creation's blog) and some hard environment of the islands. This second aspect is the one that interest me the most. I suggest to tell a DF and environment each. For me:

  • There might be a person who can immobilize people in a small area (like Law's room). People is still conscious. The man is maybe a little bit crazy, and he hits unharmed people only when they fail in answering a logic question. Otherwise, he liberates them. Oh how many hits will receive Luffy before someone else defeats this man!
  • There might be an island which is actually a highly unstable surface. When the Straw Hats arrive, they land on one of the two underwater columns that support the island so they don't notice anything. After some time, they discover that their random movements make the island sink by the side where they are and to come up on the other side. So they must move in a coordinate way. It will be funny to see some of the Straw Hat who run and move only to allow someone else (who is at the other side of the island) to fight the arc's enemy.

Wow, my island is very interesting in my opinion! What will be your creations?