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  • Meganoide

    About the friendship between Lyffy and Bellamy: it's totally weird!

    • They left each other in Jaya as enemies.
    • When they meet in Dressrosa, Bellamy only says that he doesn't hate Luffy anymore; he also hints that he may have hurt Luffy's friends in Skypiea.
    • Oddly enough, Luffy encourages Bellamy during the B block of the corrida.
    • Bellamy doesn't want to kill Luffy. Why??? He helps Luffy to exit the colosseum. Why???
    • After reaching Doflamingo, Luffy says that he and Bellamy are friends. Damn, why???

    Ten berries to the first that explains this to me.

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  • Meganoide

    Next cover story

    June 26, 2014 by Meganoide

    Well, the Dressrosa arc is gonna take at last another couple of months. Ok, it will be a great arc, but it's the longest arc ever seen. Before I start to talk about next cover story, let me underline a thing. In the east blue saga, we saw all short arcs. In the Paradise, we saw short arcs which were as long as the east blue arcs (Jaya, Impel Down, Drum, Long Ring Long Land...) and a new length of arcs: Alabasta, Skypiea, Water 7, Enies Lobby... Maybe, in the New World, Oda is going to make "short" arcs as Punk Hazard's and "long" arcs as Dressrosa's, which is going lo last at least 80-100 chapters. I'm sure that the Wa arc will take a lot of time, since it is based on Japan.

    To explain what Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook did during the Dres…

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  • Meganoide

    Oda made a mistake in chapter 742; otherwise I'm an idiot. Well, maybe both things are true.

    Scarlett died because she went to a market to buy some food for herself and for Rebecca, but she was caught by Diamante. In Rebecca's flashback, Rebecca said something like "hey mom, I'm hungry, we haven't eaten for two days". Check (probably) "Rebecca and soldier-san" to control what I said.

    But if they didn't eat for two days, then the Donquixote pirates had already attacked the palace for at least two days, or even more: in that case it would be justified two days of hunting by Doffy's men against the two women. So Kyros had already been transformed in the TSOR: in fact it seems that the scene of him transformed by Sugar happened the same day of the in…

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  • Meganoide

    The seven routes of the Grand Line, as explained by Crocus, have the same difficulties.

    But the thing that Crocus didn't say is that al least one of them (of course I'm talking about the one followed by the Straw Hats) is most likely the best one to follow. The reason is easy to understand: during their journey Rufy and Co. reached Drum and Water 7, the islands in which the best doctors and best shipwright live! And of course they took one doctor and one shipwright. Rufy was super-lucky in choosing that route.

    But then a theory was born in my head: what if... What if actually the Straw Hats didn't follow a single route? It would explain all that luck. Maybe Drum and Water 7 weren't part of the same route. There are two possible moments for t…

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  • Meganoide

    I'm writing this blog because of one thing that seems strange to me.

    While entering the Grand Line, Crocus said to the Straw Hats that the seven routes of the Grand Line have about the same difficulties. He meant that there wasn't any easy way, and all of them had the same dangers. But what dangers met the Straw Hats?

    • In Whiskey Peak, the danger was high for every crew, but only because Crocodile placed there hundreds of bounty hunters. Before the raise of the Baroque Works (during Roger's times for example), Whiskey Peak was probably a peaceful island.
    • Little Garden is actually dangerous because of the time for the Log Pose to reset (one year) and the beasts that live there.
    • Drum would have been actually a quiet place to relax if only Wapol …
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